Ah Ha! I'd been waiting for Centos 6.  How do you guess I might do
with Scientific Linux 6 in 64-bit?

On Apr 11, 6:59 pm, Stephen Gallagher <step...@gallagherhome.com>
> > * Required modules are missing
> >    You are missing Python modules that are needed before the
> >    installation process. You will need to install the necessary
> >    modules and restart the install.
> >    Databases (required):
> >        * sqlite3 (pysqlite2, sqlite3)
> >        * MySQL (MySQLdb)
> >        * PostgreSQL (psycopg2)
> > Do I start here with some way to install the python-mysqldb ?
> > After that, will the rb-site drop Reviewboard recommended information
> > for configuration data in a file in /etc/httpd/config.d ?
> The package you're looking for is
> MySQL-python<http://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/buildinfo?buildID=235352>.
> Unfortunately, I just remembered 
> abouthttps://partner-bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=555868which means 
> that
> the version shipped in RHEL 5 (and CentOS) is too old for use with Django
> and ReviewBoard right now. So you'll probably need to rebuild this package
> with version 1.2.1p2 or later. Probably the easiest way to accomplish this
> would be to 
> downloadhttp://kojipkgs.fedoraproject.org/packages/MySQL-python/1.2.3/1.fc14/...
> then use 'rpmbuild --rebuild <srpm>' to rebuild it for your platform.
> ('yum-builddep <srpm>' is also useful for installing any prerequisites
> needed for building)

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