We upgraded to SVN 1.7 when it came out late last year. Unfortunately,
we realized later that ReviewBoard does not have all of the proper
support for SVN 1.7.  There are several other people encountering
similar issues/challenges with SVN 1.7 and ReviewBoard compatibility.
The main issue is due to the fact that the diff output that SVN 1.7
produces contains some new property entries in the diffi file that
ReviewBoard or RB Tools does not seem to understand.

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Is there any progress being made on SVN 1.7 compatibility support with
ReviewBoard? This issue seems to have been around for several months
now, but I have not seen any messages that indicate any progress or
when a fix might be be available in a new RB release.

Please let me know if you have any information on this topic.

Thanks for your help!

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