Hi Christian,

I'm guessing the broken review can't be fixed. Though I don't understand 
why removing that big text string directly from the database table didn't 
work.  What would be the closest version to 1.5.5 where the string limit 
was increased. The mysql settings I see in 1.5.5 are for the table that I 
think is causing the problem are:

Table changedescs_changedescription
id, timestamp, public, text, fields_changed
id               int(11) PK
timestamp        datetime
public           tinyint(1)
text             longtext
fields_changed   text

The offending text was in the fields_change entry.



On Thursday, February 23, 2012 2:26:27 PM UTC-8, Steve wrote:
> Thanks Christian,
> I'm running 1.5.5 on a Centos 5 box. I attempted replacing the long string 
> with an empty one in the
>     reviewboard.changedescs_changedescription 
> table. In the "fields_changed" dict the bad text was in the "old" entry 
> for testing_done. I set the "old" entry to [""], but that didn't fix the 
> problem.
> --Steve

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