Since this original post from last year, I've seen this problem numerous 
time. Most recently today on our main 1.5.5 server.  It's quite pesky, so 
I'm coming back with a few more questions.

First, here's a recap.

Many of our users paste the content of large, complex test output files 
into the 'Testing Done' field. Sometimes, these break access to the main 
page for the review. When we click on the link, we get a 

Something Broke (Error 500)

page. I get a Django error email with this error message:


 File "<string>", line 1

   {"testing_done": {"new": ["More tests (caught a bug that was missed in 
review) :) Will upload the new set of diffs\n\n>>> 

<snip large quantity of text>



SyntaxError: EOL while scanning single-quoted string


What's odd is I can't access the main page for the review, but I can go to 
the diff_header page and see everything, including the 'Testing Done' 
field. So this produces the 500 error:


But this works fine:


So my questions are:

1. Why does this text break the main page, but show up fine on the 
diff_header page.

2. Is there any way for me to repair a review once it gets in this state?

3. What guidelines can I give my users to prevent this problem from 


On Friday, February 24, 2012 1:18:47 PM UTC-8, Steve wrote:
> Hi Christian,
> I'm guessing the broken review can't be fixed. Though I don't understand 
> why removing that big text string directly from the database table didn't 
> work.  What would be the closest version to 1.5.5 where the string limit 
> was increased. The mysql settings I see in 1.5.5 are for the table that I 
> think is causing the problem are:
> Table changedescs_changedescription
> ===================================
> id, timestamp, public, text, fields_changed
> -----------------------------------
> id               int(11) PK
> timestamp        datetime
> public           tinyint(1)
> text             longtext
> fields_changed   text
> The offending text was in the fields_change entry.
> Thanks
> --Steve
> On Thursday, February 23, 2012 2:26:27 PM UTC-8, Steve wrote:
>> Thanks Christian,
>> I'm running 1.5.5 on a Centos 5 box. I attempted replacing the long 
>> string with an empty one in the
>>     reviewboard.changedescs_changedescription 
>> table. In the "fields_changed" dict the bad text was in the "old" entry 
>> for testing_done. I set the "old" entry to [""], but that didn't fix the 
>> problem.
>> --Steve

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