As I already mentioned in the list in BitNami we were working on a
Windows installer for Review Board. Well, we have just released it and
you can download it from


This version includes Python, Django, MySQL, Apache with mod_wsgi,
Git, Subversion and all the required dependencies.

As you already may know Review Board is not longer officially
supported on Windows. It is was difficult to install on Windows and
lot of incompatibilities with different Python versions or modules
made difficult to support. However we (in BitNami) still have people
asking if we planned to provide a windows installer of Review Board as
we already do for Linux. As we offer all-in-one installer which
includes all the required dependencies most of those incompatibility
issues should not appear. You still will want to use a Linux version
for a production environment but I'm sure that for lot of users will
find useful the Windows installer to give a try to ReviewBoard and
discover if it is the right solution for them. Also we will keep it
update so you can quickly test new versions when released. Please
notice that the the installation should be fully functional (although
not officially supported by the ReviewBoard team) and we will love to
hear from you if you find any issue so we can fix it.

Christian I also wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for the
support you provide to me for getting this done :)

Well I hope you all enjoy it!

Best regards,


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