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step...@gallagherhome.com> wrote:

> On 03/19/2013 04:43 AM, Christian Hammond wrote:
> > Hi everyone,
> >
> > The new RBTools 0.5 is out. This is a major release, led by our own
> > Steven MacLeod, and is, to me, the most exciting release of RBTools
> > we've put out. There's a bunch of new command line scripts and a brand
> > new Python API that you can use to talk to Review Board.
> >
> > There's a lot of new awesomeness that I'm not going to repeat here.
> > Instead, I'll just link you to our official announcement.
> >
> > http://www.reviewboard.org/news/2013/03/19/rbtools-0-5-released/
> >
> > If you have questions about using the Python API or developing scripts,
> > please use reviewboard-...@googlegroups.com
> > <mailto:reviewboard-...@googlegroups.com>. Otherwise, go ahead and post
> > here!
> >
> I've built RBTools 0.5 for Fedora. It will show up in Fedora 18's
> updates-testing repository within the next 24 hours. Please test and
> give Karma at https://admin.fedoraproject.org/updates/RBTools-0.5-1.fc18
> Christian, a question: will RBTools 0.5 work against Review Board 1.6.x?
> If so, I'll build it for EPEL 6. If not, I'll hold off for now.

Thanks! You're fast at that.

Steven can correct me if I'm wrong here, but 0.5 in general should work
fine against 1.6.x. Especially post-review, which we're keeping basically
as-is so we don't (intentionally) break anybody.


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