Sorry Alfred. Been kind of sporadically responding to e-mails (been out a lot 
the past few days and away from home at the moment). Didn't mean to drop yours 
on the floor.

On Apr 25, 2013, at 1:01 PM, Alfred von Campe <> wrote:

> On Apr 24, 2013, at 10:55, I wrote:
>> We are running ReviewBoard 1.6.6 installed via easy-install on an old CentOS 
>> 5.9 server with apache-modpython, and I would like to migrate this to a new 
>> server running CentOS 6.4 and apache-wsgi and the latest ReviewBoard version 
>> installed via yum from epel-testing repo.
> Am I asking for something unusual here?  Has anyone migrated a RB instance 
> from one server to another while upgrading RB at the same time?  I don't 
> quite understand how all the moving parts fit together, and want to ensure a 
> smooth transition.

It should be doable. If you transplant the old database to the new server 
without modifying it, and then do an rb-site upgrade on  the new site, it 
should perform the upgrade just as it would if you left it on the first server.

>> Are the steps to do this documented anywhere?  Will the following steps work 
>> (we are using MySQL)?
>> 0. Ensure nobody is using the old server during the migration
>> 1. Dump old database
>> 2. Tar up site directory from old server (contains .ssh and .subversion 
>> directories with needed config data)
>> 3. Install ReviewBoard via yum
>> 4. Create reviewboard database and user
>> 5. Create new site with rb-site install (need to get new apache config file)
>> 6. Update apache configuration file with conf file generated in previous step
>> 7. Delete reviewboard database and load database from old server (after 
>> re-creating database and user)
>> 8. Delete new site and replace with tar file from old server (possible 
>> preserving apache conf file)
>> 9. Run rb-site upgrade
>> Did I miss something or am I adding any unnecessary steps?

That seems like it should work fine. If there are issues, at least you have the 
old server to fall back on.

>> Also, how do I install and configure memcached on additional CentOS 6.4 
>> servers?  What is the recommended amount of memory to allocate to memcached 
>> for ReviewBoard?

I like to give it 1GB, which seems to be more than enough for most deployments.

I have it running on 2 servers right now for one setup, and I just have the 
memcached servers listed in the General Settings page as host:part, separated 
by semicolons. So, "host1:11211;host2:11211"


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