I been trying out reviewboard for about 6 weeks, and it's working pretty 
well (only real issue is I haven't been able to get e-mails working 
properly). Now I've got a new better server to install it on. I'd like to 
copy the existing review and users from the existing database before I move 
it -- about 60 users and 135 review requests. I'm using pgsql, apache, and 
currently version
I don't see anything on 
http://www.reviewboard.org/docs/manual/1.7/admin/ on how to do this, but I 
see there have been a few questions about it in this group. It looks like 
some of the problems have been moving to a different database (eg: mysql to 
pgsql) or a different version of RB, so to keep things easy, I'll keep the 
same pgsql, apache, OS, and RB instance (by upgrading just before 
exporting?).  I'm thinking I should probably:
- Send users a outage notice
- Stop apache
- Upgrade to the latest 1.7 version
- Export the database
- Install on a new server
- Import the database
- Send users a notice about the new server. Maybe also put a redirect on 
the old server, pointing to the new one.
I'm not sure in particular about how to do the db export/import. I see some 
people here used "rb-site manage /var/oldRbPath dumpdb > dumpdb.json" , 
then copy that file over and do "rb-site manage /var/newRbPath loaddb 
dumpdb.json". Is that the best way? Or is it better to use psql commands to 
dump the database?

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