Wow, who named those labels MUST be different from who coded the 
authentication, or he is super dum. I have been days trying to figure out 
what is wrong with my ldap login. I'm sure you did too in this 8days. I 
should have re-engineered the code to figure how to use a reviewboard 
feature. That is how the world should go forward.

Really thankful for your post here.

On Friday, September 16, 2011 10:41:17 AM UTC-5, Joe Campbell wrote:
> Never mind - I found this after looking at how the code worked.  This 
> is currently listed as an Anonymous Bind Mask/Anonymous User Mask and 
> an Anonymous User Password.  These are actually the BIND DN and BIND 
> Password that I was looking for and are just very badly mislabeled on 
> the site. 
> Thanks, 
>      Joe 
> On Sep 8, 5:42 pm, Joe Campbell <> wrote: 
> > There is currently no way to set a bind DN for a bind user to access 
> > the LDAP.  My ldap does not support anonymous binding.  Am I missing 
> > this config or is truly not there?

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