So I just tried this out. I believe TRACKING_BRANCH defaults to 
origin/<currentBranch> instead of origin/master as documented on the 
rbtools page. That would explain the behavior that we were seeing when we 
did not specify TRACKING_BRANCH. Pushing to the remote branch on origin 
caused there to be no diffs when creating the review. Now that I have added 
TRACKING_BRANCH = "origin/master" into our .reviewboardrc file, now the 
diffs are created fine.

I also removed the BRANCH setting from .reviewboardrc. This only seems to 
change the "branch" value displayed in the review header area. Is there any 
other behavior associated with the BRANCH setting? Why can't rbtools 
determine the current git branch on its own?


On Tuesday, August 12, 2014 3:27:01 PM UTC-4, Christian Hammond wrote:
> Hi Greg,
> Which version of RBTools are you guys using?
> Try setting the following in .reviewboardrc:
>     TRACKING_BRANCH = ‘origin/master’
> That will ensure that, by default, rbt post will base commits off of 
> origin/master.
> The important thing is making sure that developers are actually using your 
> central repo as origin, and not their own clone. If their clone is named 
> origin, you’ll get that sort of behavior, requiring they override by doing 
> —tracking-branch=<your_central_remote>/master.
> I’d have to see more about their individual repo setups and their tree of 
> commits to really say for sure what’s happening, but that’s a good starting 
> point for diagnosing what’s wrong.
> Christian
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