I have the latest version on both (old and new server).  I read some old 
post regarding migration, but  I want to make sure that those steps still 
valid for 2.x . Not sure that this steps cover the sqlite DB as well. Am I 
missing something here?

thx for your support

>1. On the old server, dump your site data.
> sudo rb-site manage /path/to/site dumpdata > /path/to/backup/rbdump.json
> 2. Open the dump file in a text editor and find all the entries
> whose "model" is "contenttypes.contenttype" or "scmtools.tool", and delete
> those entries.
> 3. On the new server, create a new site following the directions on the
> ReviewBoard site.  Note that you don't have to use the same database type
> as your old server (my old server used MySQL, my new server uses
> PostgreSQL).
> 4. On the new server, load the old site data.
> sudo rb-site manage /path/to/site loaddata /path/to/backup/rbdump.json
> 5. (Optional) For good measure, reboot your new server.

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