Hello all,

I'm setting up a Gitlab + ReviewBoard combination for a pilot project at 
work. I've set up most of the things needed correctly but the Gitlab 
branches/commits do not show up in the ReviewBoard site that I set up. 
Here's my setup.

   - Gitlab: 7.4.3
   - ReviewBoard: 2.0.11
Gitlab runs on server with IP address, ReviewBoard on server 
with IP address Both the websites are setup and are working 
without throwing any errors. I've created a service 
account(reviewboard_user) on Gitlab with 'Reporter' permissions to the 
'group' of projects. Next, I created the SSH key for this account from 
ReviewBoard and installed it onto the service account on Gitlab. I've added 
the Gitlab repository in ReviewBoard(Please see attached 
screenshot: Repository added in Reviewboard.PNG).

I then clicked on New Review Request from the homepage and was taken to 
this screen(Please see attached screenshot: New Review Request.PNG). The 
branches/commits were not being shown; so I clicked around and found that I 
need to set up rbtools and should create a file '.reviewboardrc' in the 
root of my git repository and commit it(Please see attached 
screenshot: RBTools setup.PNG). I use a Windows PC, so I created the file 
in my local git repository and committed the file to Gitlab. Then I tried 
running rbt post via cmd and was given a error.

ERROR: The current directory does not contain a checkout from a supported 
> source code repository.

After some more googling and reading around, I got to this page 
<https://www.reviewboard.org/docs/rbtools/dev/rbt/configuration/>. Tried 
running rbt setup-repo via cmd inside the root of the git repository and 
got the same error message again.

ERROR: The current directory does not contain a checkout from a supported 
> source code repository.

What am I doing wrong here? As per this link 
git needs a local clone; whereas from Reviewboard v1.7.21 Gitlab is natively 
Please help me get this sorted out!

Thanks in advance!


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