Hi Christian,

I'm seeing some buggy behaviour around the caching of diffs.  It looks like 
a server side problem as the buggy diff content persists even if I reload 
with CTRL-F5 or switch browsers (e.g. firefox to chromium).

Steps to reproduce:

1. Change some code, I happen to be using SVN.
2. Upload diff to existing review.
$ rbt post -r XXX svn_changelist
3. View the draft interdiff, all it ok at this point.
4. Change the code some more without publishing draft changes.
5. Upload diff again, should change content of draft diff.
$ rbt post -r XXX svn_changelist
6. View the draft interdiff - BUG - diff content on web page is from first 
upload, changes from second "rbt post" are not displayed.

>From the 2.0.16 release notes, "If a diff has already been viewed once, by 
anyone, it will be quicker to retrieve and display.".  I suspect the draft 
is being cached.  A blunt fix could be to avoid caching diffs for drafts.  
A better fix would be to invalidate caches for draft diffs when a new 
diffset is uploaded.

Hopefully those steps are clear enough for you to reproduce the issue.  Let 
me know if you need more information.


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