I am installing reviewboard for the first time and have completed all the 
steps. When I hit the url of my site I get following message on browser:
Review Board version mismatch

The version of Review Board running does not match the version the site was 
last upgraded to. You are running *1.7.28* and the site was last upgraded 
to *1.7.27*.

Please upgrade your site to fix this by running:

$ rb-site upgrade /path/to/site 

    I have executed this command several times and then restarted my web server 
and memcached, still getting upper message to upgrade the site again and again. 
Following are the error logs it is showing in /var/log/httpd/error_log

[Fri Jun 26 14:43:01.199233 2015] [:error] [pid 8962] Traceback (most recent 
call last):
[Fri Jun 26 14:43:01.199244 2015] [:error] [pid 8962]   File 
 line 697, in get_registered_auth_backends
[Fri Jun 26 14:43:01.199285 2015] [:error] [pid 8962]     yield entry.name, 
[Fri Jun 26 14:43:01.199294 2015] [:error] [pid 8962]   File 
"build/bdist.linux-i686/egg/pkg_resources.py", line 1953, in load
[Fri Jun 26 14:43:01.199303 2015] [:error] [pid 8962]     if require: 
self.require(env, installer)
[Fri Jun 26 14:43:01.199311 2015] [:error] [pid 8962]   File 
"build/bdist.linux-i686/egg/pkg_resources.py", line 1966, in require
[Fri Jun 26 14:43:01.199320 2015] [:error] [pid 8962]     
[Fri Jun 26 14:43:01.199328 2015] [:error] [pid 8962]   File 
"build/bdist.linux-i686/egg/pkg_resources.py", line 565, in resolve
[Fri Jun 26 14:43:01.199336 2015] [:error] [pid 8962]     raise 
DistributionNotFound(req)  # XXX put more info here
[Fri Jun 26 14:43:01.199345 2015] [:error] [pid 8962] DistributionNotFound: 

I have already installed mimeparse 0.1.4. And I am unable to understand other 

Please suggest what could be the problem? 

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