Meant to say that "the old `post-review` tool had --http-username and 
--http-password options that seemed to use basic auth ...".

On Tuesday, August 11, 2015 at 12:34:51 PM UTC-4, Zach wrote:
> Hey Chris,
> Was there ever any progress made here? I notice that the old `post-review` 
> tool ( 
> but the new RBTools==0.7.4 only has --username and --password which do not 
> use basic auth against the api.
> Our company uses single-sign-on with fallback to basic auth (which 
> authenticates against active directory) and this feature will be important 
> to our users as well.
> >>> Making HTTP GET request to http://reviewboard/api/
> >>> Got HTTP error: 401
> -Zach
> On Tuesday, June 24, 2014 at 1:38:03 AM UTC-4, Pierre Mariani wrote:
>> We use Review Board at work. It is installed on a web server that
>> is protected by HTTP Basic Authentication.
>> We haven't been able to use RBTools to interact with it as we
>> couldn't find the right configuration to pass this authentication
>> wall.
>> After looking through the code, I didn't see how it could be
>> configured at all, and came to the conclusion that this feature
>> wasn't supported.
>> I also didn't find an obvious way to modify
>> ReviewBoardHTTPBasicAuthHandler or ReviewBoardHTTPPasswordMgr to
>> add that feature.
>> I resorted to defining a new server option, and passing it
>> through RBClient, SyncTransport and finally to ReviewBoardServer,
>> where it is used to define a new urllib2.HTTPBasicAuthHandler
>> which gets added to the list of handlers.
>> You can see the diff at
>> It's hacky but good enough for my use case.  However, I would
>> rather not maintain a fork and would like to be able to push
>> similar changes back to the main RBTools repo.
>> Can someone confirm that HTTP Basic Authentication isn't currently 
>> supported
>>  in RBTools?
>> Are there design resources that would let me adapt my hack to
>> something acceptable by the project?
>> Thank you

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