Hi guys

Could you please clarify which repository types are supported by "create 
from an existing commit" Web UI option?
For example, when creating a new review request on a demo website 
(http://demo.reviewboard.org/r/new/) it is possible to specify a commit on 
a branch in selected repository. However, after configuring Git repo on my 
local installation, I cannot see the same option (see attached pictures 

According to documentation 

*> This feature is not available for all types of repositories. If you do 
not see the “Create from an existing commit” section of the page, you must 
use rbt post to post committed changes.*

*> Once you select a supported repository, the bottom half of the “New 
Review Request” page will have a table labeled New Review Request for 
Committed Change. By default, commits are shown for a default branch (like 
“trunk” in Subversion or “master” in Git). In the header is a drop-down box 
which allows you to switch branches.*

it seems that SVN and Git are supported, so I'm wondering if something 
could be wrong with my local setup.
My configuration:

   - Review Board 2.5 RC1
   - Database: sqlite
   - Cache: filesystem
   - Webserver: lighttpd

Another configuration I've tried is Bitnami's VirtualBox image (Review 
Board 2.0.20, same issue): 


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