I've gotten this far:

from rbtools.api.client import RBClient

client = RBClient('http://localhost:8080/')
root = client.get_root()

repos = root.get_repositories()
if repos.num_items < 1:
    raise Exception('No valid repositories.')

repository = repos[1]

review_request = root.get_review_requests().create(repository=repository.id)

from rbtools.clients import SCMClient

I don't understand how to continue.
I don't know how to get the "appropriate arguments"

Running SCMClient.diff() with no arguments replies: " 
TypeError: unbound method diff() must be called with SCMClient instance as 
first argument (got nothing instead)"

So I guess I must build SCMClient instance that's specific to this repo. I 
don't know how.

I find the documentation pretty sketchy and unclear.

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