Just upgraded RB and Site to by running "easy_install -U 
ReviewBoard" and "rb-site upgrade /path/to/site" w/o any errors. But I am 
still missing two tabs on the review request action bar. Please see the 
attached screenshot. 

I checked the log. No .py files related errors after upgrading to 
Only see two warnings:


 - /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/feedparser.py:364: DeprecationWarning: To 
avoid breaking existing software while fixing issue 310, a temporary mapping 
has been created from `updated_parsed` to `published_parsed` if 
`updated_parsed` doesn't exist. This fallback will be removed in a future 
version of feedparser.


 DeprecationWarning: reviewboard.reviews.markdown_utils.markdown_escape is 
deprecated. Please use djblets.markdown.markdown_escape.

I also see some debug message like this. Not sure it is an issue.

- Cache miss for key jsi18n-djangojs-reviewboard_djblets-en-1447273457.

Any ideas why we are still missing "Download Diff" and "Diff" tabs after 
upgrading to


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