I am having issue similar to previous reported, while running rb-site 


on Linux (CentOS) reviewboard 1.7 -> 2.0.16 ( intended to upgrade to latest 
but ran into some problem, thought I would do it with a smaller increment )

easy_install ReviewBoard==2.0.16   (successful)
rb-site upgrade [path]      fails with following error:

In model reviews.ReviewRequest: 
Field 'related_review_number' has been deleted
In model reviews.Review
Field 'notify_only_submitter' has been deleted
In model reviews.ReviewRequestDraft
Field 'related_review_number' has been deleted
In model accounts.Profile
Field 'eclipse_diff_view' has been deleted

Judging by the name of the columns it seems some customization done by 
previous admin here. So question is
What is the best practice to  migrate these extension columns?

I tried 
- drop the columns from the database ( and to restore them later ) , and 
run upgrade again 
- or used the trick provided in another post 

>>> from django_evolution.models import Version
>>> v = Version.objects.all()[0]
>>> print v
Hinted version, updated on 2015-02-12 02:23:19+00:00
>>> v.delete()

 but it doesn't seems to help either 

Or maybe it should be other way around that  I need to modify the schema 
somewhere before i run the upgrade script?

any help / suggestion is appreciated.. thank you

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