I have ReviewBoard 2.5.2 installed on Debian Linux (jessie), the repository 
configuration seemed to go well, as did the site setup.  However when I 
create a review I can not see any diff content on the Diff page of a 
review, and downloading a diff gets me an empty 0 byte rb1.patch file.

The subversion server is running svn 1.8.x on a different debian box and 
the repo URL is ssl.  If the SVN thing wasn't working at all, I'd expect 
not to be able to see the SVN LOG output, or be able to use an SVN log to 
view the commit comments.  But I can.  However the svn diff stuff does not 

Oddly enough there is nothing in my /opt/reviewboard/SITENAME/logs folder. 
 Do I have to do something to enable logging? I have the DEBUG = True in 
 .../SITENAME/conf/settings_local.py (django site-specific configuration).

First, how do I get some logging so I have a hope of diagnosing svn diff 

(screenshot attached)


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