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Change subject: IMPALA-5690: Part 1: Rename ostream operators for thrift types

Patch Set 8:

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> Patch Set 8:
> (1 comment)
> > > Patch Set 5:
>  > >
>  > > Since this is a very large, complicated patch, is it possible to
>  > break it up to make it easier to review?
>  > >
>  > > In particular, I think that all of the changes around '<<' could
>  > be done in an initial patch, and then have a followup patch that
>  > contains the actual version bump and other things.
>  >
>  > I've split it. The part 2 is at https://gerrit.cloudera.org/c/9300/.
> Thanks for breaking this up. Much easier to wrap my head around now.
> What was the reason for not going with Henry's suggestion on the JIRA to 
> patch thrift not to emit '<<'?

Thrift is still changing this operator<< in 0.11, adding enum types. If we 
patch it now we may need to rework it on every thrift upgrade. Generally I 
think it's unnecessary to patch a library only for a name conflict.

File be/src/runtime/coordinator-backend-state.cc:

PS8, Line 64:     DCHECK(host_ == instance_params->host);  // all hosts must be 
the same
> Why was thing change made?
DCHECK_EQ uses operator << to print the value of lhs and rhs. Operator << is 
removed and the error message won't include the values after this change. If it 
matters I can do it manually. Another option is to revert this line in part 2, 
using the operator << defined by thrift.

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