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Change subject: IMPALA-7399: Remove third-party dependencies from junit xml 

Patch Set 5:

Hmm. I might bat this aside. :-)

FWIW, my starting point was to look at junit xml output from various Evergreen 
test runs, and match it. They don't all follow the same template. E.g., if 
there's an error, the testcase node also contains a child node like

  <error message="something bad happened" type="error"/>

Otherwise, it's simply not there. Same is true for stdout and stderr. In a 
passing test with no meaningful output, the testcase becomes the last element, 
with nothing more than:

  <testcase classname="generate_junitxml.buildall" name="blah"/>

Patchset 4 produces the same variety of XML formats. Perhaps I was too slavish 
in my attempt to reproduce the same exact structure, but hopefully subtle XML 
parsing bugs won't be an issue as a result.

Admittedly, it's not a perfect replica. Testsuite nodes usually contain 
multiple testcase child nodes -- which isn't true for us, since each invocation 
of the script can only produce a single file, with a single test case. (I did 
test the effect of this. Luckily, Jenkins seems to renders multiple tests 
belonging to a single testsuite correctly, even if the suite is spread out over 
different individual files.)

A last minor point -- I think the current approach more readily lends itself to 
reusability (with minor refactoring), as unlikely as that may be. But we 
thought it unlikely with the mirror-jira.py file as well, until Bikram wound up 
having to redo a lot of the same steps in his dev productivity project because 
the mirror-jira script was not written in such a way that he could reuse it 

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