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Change subject: KUDU-1500: Fix the data race during 

Patch Set 2:


TFTR Dan, please see responses inline, I would like to follow up on this 
discussion on JIRA page, adding todd and mpercy in the loop there.

Commit Message:

Line 11: the partition schema is accessed in an unguarded manner from another
> This is pretty confusing to me, because once a tablet is created, the parti
This follows the remote bootstrap(now tablet copy) path and there are at least 
couple of use cases which fall under this. In the current situation, the leader 
detects a failed tablet replica(perhaps via reporting? me not sure) and tries 
to resurrect the on disk tablet metadata for that replica which is followed by 
in-memory updates too. The attributes partition and schema are hanging off the 
tablet metadata structure and hence inevitably become part of resurrection 
path. We took an easier approach to this problem, although I agree with you 
that it may need some more thoughts to elegantly solve this. I would like to 
take the discussion in JIRA because it's easier to see the history of these 
discusssions on JIRA page than on gerritt review page IMO.

File src/kudu/tablet/tablet.cc:

Line 177:     attrs["partition"] = 
> if this is just a formatting change, please leave it the way it was.
Sounds good, it looks like I touched some of these lines, but forgot to revert 
them back to original format when I reverted them later.

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