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Change subject: C++ client: deprecating KuduPartialRow::SetString()

Patch Set 3:

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Line 21: An alternative approach might be to change behavior of
> That would break ABI compatibility and it doesn't seem to be really necessa
OK, for the other approach a created a separate changeset:
File src/kudu/common/

Line 289: Status KuduPartialRow::SetBinaryNoCopy(const Slice& col_name, const 
Slice& val) {
> style note: If you change the order in the header file please also change t
File src/kudu/common/partial_row.h:

Line 98:   // Set the string/binary value but does not copy the value. The slice
> style nit: It makes more sense to me to keep all the string methods togethe
Good point!  However, the point here is to emphasize the groups of different 

> style nit: Line continuations should be 4 spaces, not 2. See https://google

Line 110:       "use SetStringNoCopy() instead; also consider using 
> style: Another line continuation, add an additional 4 spaces more than the 

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