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3rdparty/libprocess/include/process/subprocess.hpp (line 56)

    Could you explain in what situations and why the list of arguments 
could/would be modified...?

3rdparty/libprocess/include/process/subprocess.hpp (lines 62 - 67)

    `= default;` works fine here.
    Just a future note: `for(std::string arg : other.args)` creates a copy for 
every string, which is then copied again on `args.push_back(arg)`.
    Using `std::vector`'s copy constructor would've been better, `= default;` 
would be better.
    You could even just omit it entirely if you wish, in which case it's 
equivalent to `= default;`

3rdparty/libprocess/include/process/subprocess.hpp (line 70)

    `= {}` works for default construction.
    `:` should be on the next line.

3rdparty/libprocess/include/process/subprocess.hpp (lines 73 - 75)

    Please differentiate the name between `this->args` and `args`, and simply 
use `std::vector`'s copy constructor rather than manually looping.

3rdparty/libprocess/include/process/subprocess.hpp (line 100)

    This should be just `f.get();` right?

3rdparty/libprocess/include/process/subprocess.hpp (line 113)

    `:` on the next line.

3rdparty/libprocess/include/process/subprocess.hpp (line 120)

    This suggests to me either that `Command` should be named `Invocation`, or 
that this variable should be named `command`. Given that `Command` is storing 
both the command and the arguments, it seems more fitting to name it 
    Additionally, I think it would make a lot of sense to simply name it 
`Result` and move it into the `Subprocess` class. Similar to `Subprocess::IO`, 
we would have `Subprocess::Result` which captures the result of a subprocess 
    What do you think?

3rdparty/libprocess/include/process/subprocess.hpp (lines 135 - 152)

    Could you explain why these aren't symmetric? That is, why is `stdout_` not 
a `Option<std::string>` or why is `stderr_` not a `std::string`?

3rdparty/libprocess/include/process/subprocess.hpp (line 293)

    `s/writing to the stream/writing to stderr/`
    To keep consistency with the `stdout` version above.

3rdparty/libprocess/include/process/subprocess.hpp (line 400)

    Is there a reason why this is wrapped in a `std::shared_ptr`?

3rdparty/libprocess/src/subprocess.cpp (line 219)

    Can we not just call `cleanup()` here?

3rdparty/libprocess/src/subprocess.cpp (line 225)

    Remove newline.

3rdparty/libprocess/src/subprocess.cpp (line 254)

    Indented 1 level too deep.

3rdparty/libprocess/src/subprocess.cpp (lines 499 - 503)

    Rather than exposing the `invokedWith_` member variable like this, can we 
introduce a `Subprocess` constructor that takes a `Command` instead? At which 
point we can do something like:
    `Subprocess process(path == "sh" ? Command(argv[2]) : Command(path, argv));`

- Michael Park

On Nov. 2, 2015, 7:22 a.m., Marco Massenzio wrote:
> -----------------------------------------------------------
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> https://reviews.apache.org/r/37336/
> -----------------------------------------------------------
> (Updated Nov. 2, 2015, 7:22 a.m.)
> Review request for mesos, Joris Van Remoortere and Michael Park.
> Bugs: MESOS-3035
>     https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/MESOS-3035
> Repository: mesos
> Description
> -------
> Jira: MESOS-3035
>     The original API for `process::Subprocess` still left a lot of legwork
>     to do for the caller; we have now added an `execute()` method
>     that returns a `Future<CommandResult>` (also introduced with this patch) 
> which
>     contains useful information about the command invocation; the exit code;
>     stdout and, optionally, stderr too.
>     Once the Future completes, if successful, the caller will be able to 
> retrieve
>     stdout/stderr; whether the command was successful; and whether it 
> received a signal
> Diffs
> -----
>   3rdparty/libprocess/include/process/subprocess.hpp 
> f17816e813d5efce1d3bb1ff1e1111850eeda3ba 
>   3rdparty/libprocess/src/subprocess.cpp 
> 459825c188d56d25f6e2832e5a170d806e257d6b 
>   3rdparty/libprocess/src/tests/subprocess_tests.cpp 
> ac600a551fb1a7782ff33cce204b7819497ef54a 
> Diff: https://reviews.apache.org/r/37336/diff/
> Testing
> -------
> make check
> Thanks,
> Marco Massenzio

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