Github user HyukjinKwon commented on a diff in the pull request:
    --- Diff: 
    @@ -30,9 +31,19 @@ import 
      * An adaptor from a [[PartitionedFile]] to an [[Iterator]] of [[Text]], 
which are all of the lines
      * in that file.
    + *
    + * @param file A part (i.e. "block") of a single file that should be read 
line by line.
    + * @param lineSeparator A line separator that should be used for each 
line. If the value is `None`,
    + *                      it covers `\r`, `\r\n` and `\n`.
    + * @param conf Hadoop configuration
     class HadoopFileLinesReader(
    -    file: PartitionedFile, conf: Configuration) extends Iterator[Text] 
with Closeable {
    +    file: PartitionedFile,
    +    lineSeparator: Option[String],
    +    conf: Configuration) extends Iterator[Text] with Closeable {
    --- End diff --
    Note that it's an internal API for datasources and Hadoop's Text already 
has an assumption for utf8. I don't think we should call getBytes with utf8 at 
each caller side.


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