Am Samstag, 11. Oktober 2014, 14:46:39 schrieb Thomas Friedrichsmeier:
> Well, when I wanted to make that experiment, I found that rkwarddev does
> not  yet handle ids on radio-options. And then I found out, that the fact
> that radio-options can be disabled, dynamically, was not really documented,
> so far. (See Import Text / CSV Data-Plugin for an example usage). I have
> fixed the documentation. Could you add this to rk.XML.option()?

well, in fact there is no rk.XML.option() yet ;-) all options are directly 
defined by rk.XML.radio() as a list. but if one needs the possibility of 
getting an ID from an option, adding rk.XML.option() seems to be inevitable. i 
don't se another way to clearly specify which option you mean, except directly 
naming the ID yourself.

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  dipl. psych. meik michalke
  institut f"ur experimentelle psychologie
  abt. f"ur diagnostik und differentielle psychologie
  heinrich-heine-universit"at d-40204 d"usseldorf

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