On Sunday 05 October 2014 12:00:05 meik michalke wrote:
> i also fixed the sample size controls for two sample designs, and added the
> possibility to provide eta squared instead of cohen's f.

a thought on that: For two samples, you could hide the "number of observations 
_per sample_" note. That might even help work around the squeezing you get 
when switching from single sample to two samples (depending on dialog height).

Another thing is: Considering this looks fairly finished (apart from 
documentation), and useful to a wide audience, should we make this part of the 
0.6.2 release? On a more general note, which external plugins are "ready" for 

(Well, yes, I really should have thought about this, earlier. OTOH, I think 
there is a point for releasing 0.6.3 rather shortly after 0.6.2 - i.e. before 
end of this year - anyway. This could include dynamic i18n for plugins, and 
some other bits that are mostly orthogonal to porting to KF5, technically.)


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