Am Sonntag, 5. Oktober 2014, 14:49:40 schrieb Thomas Friedrichsmeier:
> On Sunday 05 October 2014 12:00:05 meik michalke wrote:
> > i also fixed the sample size controls for two sample designs, and added
> > the
> > possibility to provide eta squared instead of cohen's f.
> a thought on that: For two samples, you could hide the "number of
> observations _per sample_" note.

ok, i'd have to change the spinbox label then, to make it clear that these 
numbers represent the sample size. but you're right of course, when there's 
two of them it's obvious it's per sample ;-)

i'm amazed that almost half of that plugin code already is logic rules.

> That might even help work around the squeezing you get when switching from
> single sample to two samples (depending on dialog height).

that's still an annoying bug, isn't it? by the way, while working on this i 
came to notice that the squeezing only happens on my laptop, not on my desktop 
machine -- both run the same distro, KDE and Qt versions and, from what i can 
see, use the same desktop theme, window layout stlye etc.

on my desktop, the window is always resized accordingly (it only never shrinks 
after it had grown due to new elements appearing).

> Another thing is: Considering this looks fairly finished (apart from
> documentation), and useful to a wide audience, should we make this part of
> the 0.6.2 release?

sure, why not. would someone jump in to do write the help file? ;-)

how would you like to do this? generally, i'd prefer to add it as a kind of 
bundle, so it remains a plugin on its own, at least so it can be disabled 
easily in the plugin configuration. this makes it easier to release updates of 
that part without having to wait for another RKWard release. but that's 
probably a bit more complex to do right, at least for the debian packaging?

> On a more general note, which external plugins are "ready" for inclusion?

don't you think the menus might get a bit to crowded if we include it all? 

perhaps we can re-think the plugin installations process instead, to make it 
more obvious which plugins are available (at least the ones in our own repo). 

that said, i think the plugins for ANOVA, factor and cluster analysis are 
quite useable -- except they all lack docs...

> (Well, yes, I really should have thought about this, earlier. OTOH, I think
> there is a point for releasing 0.6.3 rather shortly after 0.6.2 - i.e.
> before end of this year - anyway. This could include dynamic i18n for
> plugins, and some other bits that are mostly orthogonal to porting to KF5,
> technically.)

you mean like a restart button for the R backend? :-D

viele grüße :: m.eik

  dipl. psych. meik michalke
  institut f"ur experimentelle psychologie
  abt. f"ur diagnostik und differentielle psychologie
  heinrich-heine-universit"at d-40204 d"usseldorf

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