>> I don't really have strong opinions on which particular service we use,
>> but having someone volunteer for the actual legwork is a definite bonus.
> It seems relevant to mention that GNOME is thinking about switching to
> Gitlab. They wrong a small comparison between Phabricator and Gitlab here:
> https://wiki.gnome.org/Initiatives/DevelopmentInfrastructure/
> This may provide food for thought.
> Having installing both gitlab and phabricator on my server, I can say that
> both are pretty easy to install.
> In both cases, I can volunteer to do the admin work, and I can give access
> to the server to one or two people to help me, this way we don't end up in
> the current situation.
> If that helps, I cloned rockbox in both my gitlab and phabricator
> instances, so that you can have a feel of what it looks like:
> GitLab: https://gitlab.pouly.fr/pamaury/rockbox-clone
> I'll send the link to phabricator later, because it is still importing the
> repostory.
> NOTE: importing repositories with Phabricator is super slow (it's been
> importing for severall hours now).
And here is the link to Phabricator:

So basically the choice seems to be betwen Gitlab (self-host), Phabricator
(self-host) and Github.

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