title: webzen
year: 2009
webpage on server
launch artwork: http://katastrofsky.cont3xt.net/webzen

A Koan: “All things can be traced back to the One, to what, however,
can the One be traced back?” - “Untitled Document” is written on top
of the browser window. No name, no content, no design: a webpage as
simple as it can be. Still the work webzen (2009) demands outmost
concentration. Clicking from one page to the next, the neverending
quest for links is leading further, the skimming through pieces of
information and the scanning of texts and pictures is interrupted -
which is irritating. webzen is an attempt to abandon representational
thinking, to understand life as utterly art of absent-mindedness and
to experience the reality beyond duality and logic and beyond space
and time. webzen has only one assignment: the single-serving site
wants to overcome itself by means of meditating on the basic formulas
of sourcecode: <html>, <head>, <title>, <body>, system, spirit,
concept, body. But overcoming would only have been possible if the
site would have never existed.
- another Koan: “All things can be traced back to the code, to what,
however, can the code be traced back?”


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