this work doesn't hold it's promises:
it has a name and a document body with content and so theres even a design.

if you really wan't the browsers do nothing -- in your sense --
 use just the following code:



carlos katastrofsky schrieb:

> title: webzen
> year: 2009
> webpage on server
> launch artwork: http://katastrofsky.cont3xt.net/webzen
> A Koan: “All things can be traced back to the One, to what, however,
> can the One be traced back?” - “Untitled Document” is written on top
> of the browser window. No name, no content, no design: a webpage as
> simple as it can be. Still the work webzen (2009) demands outmost
> concentration. Clicking from one page to the next, the neverending
> quest for links is leading further, the skimming through pieces of
> information and the scanning of texts and pictures is interrupted -
> which is irritating. webzen is an attempt to abandon representational
> thinking, to understand life as utterly art of absent-mindedness and
> to experience the reality beyond duality and logic and beyond space
> and time. webzen has only one assignment: the single-serving site
> wants to overcome itself by means of meditating on the basic formulas
> of sourcecode: <html>, <head>, <title>, <body>, system, spirit,
> concept, body. But overcoming would only have been possible if the
> site would have never existed.
> - another Koan: “All things can be traced back to the code, to what,
> however, can the code be traced back?”

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