as Colin already mentioned, I have tried to compile libc++ for ReactOS.

I stopped the project for two reasons:
1. The current state of the CRT in ReactOS.
2. The ongoing discussion about MSVC 2010.

With MSVC 2010 it is of course impossible to compile a current version of
libc++. So why should I waste my time?
Without a clear commitment to using current C++ compilers, it simply makes
no sense.

As Colin described in detail, current technologies would increase the pace
of development and attract more interested developers.
Developers like me, who simply do something else without the project ever
knowing about them.

But don't get me wrong, this is not about me or libc++. Maybe libc++ cannot
be used for other reasons after all! But with MSVC 2010 you don't even have
to start.

All the best,
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