I wanted to add, that vgal and Doug Lyons were also favoring continued VS2010 
support, as we can see clearly
in the PRs discussion https://github.com/reactos/reactos/pull/2658
Please do count also those contributors voices.

Some more regarding some brought up arguments:

>>"BTRFS and its sync will benefit from the drop":
I see a working BTRFS in 0.4.14RC60, which has VS2010 support.
And I see a totally broken BTRFS that does not even boot at all any longer in 
master head 0.4.15-dev-1605-gab45955.
A fact.

>>"We should replace all proven compilers with superior Clang"
I have not seen a ros yet, that would even boot at all with Clang.
Also according to discussions they do still lack SEH 32bit support.
And even if they would develop that one day, how big will the resulting ros 
isos be then?
And that still would not solve the compat to older build platforms 2k3sp2/XPSP3 
and ros.
Wishful thinking just.

>>"We need the drop for the new standard library."
And where is that library? No one did ever integrate that into ros, although 
the compilers drop has been rushed into master months ago already.

As Hermes said already: I see no gain, but I do see a lot of pain and 
unfinished WIP+wishful thinking.

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