Hi all.
I'm agreed with Hermes too and voting for restoring VS2010 support, at least because:
1. Visual Studio 2010 is the last version that works (or almost works) on ReactOS (for now), and it's the only one app which allows compile MSVC build of ROS (a. will MSVC compiler work propely without VS2010 command prompt?; b. using MSVC instead of GCC is badly required in some cases, e. g., for finding build-specific regressions), so by dropping the VS2010 support, it is not possible anymore to build MSVC ROS on ROS (and as I know, current RosBE doesn't support MSVC compiler out of the box, if it does support that at all).
2. Dropping useful features is not really a good idea at all.
That's my arguments for restoring VS2010 support in ReactOS.
I can't say anything more.
Best regards,
Oleg Dubinskiy.
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