If I remember correctly, real-time schedule and high resolution stuff used to 
be separate code patched to the main-line Linux kernel.  They were merged into 
the main Linux kernel around 2.6.30 (+/- a couple minor revisions, pardon my 

Those real-time folks took a little time off for one or two minor releases, but 
then started to work on new "real-time" patches to the kernel again.

For basic usage including audio and Midi, the standard kernel has all the code 
there already for most of us, no need to apply the current real-time patch.  
The only thing is there are various options including the 1000Hz clock 
frequency that Rosegarden checks for, they need to be enabled at compile time 
(of the kernel).  If your default distribution doesn't enable the 1000Hz clock, 
you may ask around within your distribution circle/forum on how to get that, or 
how to compile your own.

Even with the 1000Hz option enable, you may still need to add couple of lines 
in your one or two configuration files to allow a particular user-id to use it.



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