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> A number of writer to this thread made reference to their
> recently discovered new distro (whatever !) that is not
> suffering from any of the known illnesses. I can assure them
> that they are living in a dream world. The next update will
> bring them back to reality.

Stick with a commonly used distro, and learn how to use it properly.  Distro 
hopping are like fashion followers, there are always new hats, new ties, new 
eye glasses, new dresses, new shoes, new cell phones...

But of course, for newbies who haven't chosen a Linux distro yet, some 
recommendations are not such a bad idea, either, especially the newbies in the 
Linux MIDI arena.

My use of Linux and Open Source apps are because I simply don't want to agree 
to draconian terms of the EULA (End User's License Agreements), and having to 
jump through all the hoops to back up and restore my computer, and associated 

I want to install, copy, backup my OS and softwares on to different computers 
of my choice, when I do my hardware upgrades.  Or having a "working spare" 
system in place, so when my main computer has a problem, I can fairly quickly 
get my work done without interruption.  And I don't want to pay double, triple, 
quadruple the licensing fees, just because I have a few some older computers 
sitting around.  Some people don't even bother to read EULA, nor care to 
understand those legal terms, but most of them don't even allow the OS, or 
applications to be copied on to a "running" (operarting) computer so that such 
softwares can be readily run.

Worse than that, many proprietary applications have their own data format.  
Years down the road, when I need to read such data files, those apps may not be 
installable, or runnable on my latest computer(s), and the older computers or 
hard drives may have died long before that.

With most Open Source softwares, the data file format can be read and data be 
extracted or converted much more readily.


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