At startup, and when loading new files, Rosegarden sends a 'reset all' message.
Is there any way to stop this?

The particular scenario that had me puzzled for a while is as follows:

I have a Yoshimi file with a set of voice parameters and a Rosegarden one with
a complete song project

I load up Yoshimi and open its mixer panel. The instruments are there but all
the volume and pan setting are the defaults.

I load up Rosegarden and see all the sliders move to the positions as set by
Rosegarden, but then instantly revert to the defaults!

If I run exactly the same files on a different (older) architecture the setting
are correct.

Has the order of these setting in Rosegarden changed at some point or possibly,
are they so close together that some timing issue in the machine can swap them

My workaound at the moment is to duplicate the controls at the start of each
track (I always start at bar 2 to give me some wiggle room). 


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