> Ha! Got the little bugger! :) :) :)

Good work finding that.

> All the affected parts have an 'orphan' MIDI output in Manage MIDI
> Devices. The
> device they were connected to no longer exists - indeed it no longer does
> in
> real life!
> What happens then is they lock on to the only available one - Yoshimi.
> From
> here on I'm surmising that they send settings from phantom tracks. In any
> case
> if I set them to [no port] and resave the file, next time it loads there
> is no
> problem.

Good to know, if it comes up again.

> My guess is that this was originally done to ensure there was always
> something
> connected. I wonder if anyone else has been victimised by this version of
> the
> law of unintended consequences :o

Sounds about right.  Slightly before my time, but there used to be
concerns that RG would frustrate new users by not making any sound if they
hadn't configured it right, so IIUC the idea was it should try hard to
play sound if at all possible.

        Tom Breton (Tehom)

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