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>    It's strange that rg allows two devices connected to the same port, 
> but you can do this directly in the Manage MIDI Devices window.  Feels 
> like a bug, but maybe there are legitimate uses.

Yes.  Daisy-chaining devices has been around since MIDI began.  If you
spend more than about $300 on a synthesizer, chances are you're going to end
up with something that attaches to just a couple of channels.
A minimoog, for example, appears on one channel because it's a monosynth.
Hammond organ: One channel for each manual plus a third for the bass pedals.
The Manikin Memotron: six channels, each one dedicated to a single tape set.

While you could buy a dozen USB interfaces or a couple of expensive 4x4s,
the more realistic scenario is that you're going to chain some of the
synthesizers using the THRU port, so the minimoog, the organ and the 'tron
are all hooked up on the same port, but allocated to different channels,
say ch.1 for the Minimoog, 2-4 for the organ and 6-12 for the 'tron.

Unless you're sending a massive flood of control changes to all of them at once
this usually works pretty well.  Assuming you remember to disable the
automatic channel allocator, of course.

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