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> After trying to edit my video on Linux, I have concluded it is time to
> move this project to Windows.  Video editors for Linux are either not
> sophisticated enough or too sophisticated, and there is nothing in the
> middle ground.

Try Cinelerra (https://cinelerra-cv.org/) it may be the middle ground you
are looking for.

Of course, video editing can be done in Blender (https://www.blender.org/)
which many of my friends use, but I've found Blender's learning curve
rather steep, almost cliff like.

OpenShot (http://www.openshot.org/) is relatively easy to use, but may not
be as full featured as you like.

As with music software there is an inherent trade-off between "easy to
use" and "full featured".

Since the vast majority of the movie industry uses Linux for video
manipulation, CGI, and editing, there are good reasons to stay with Linux
as your platform of choice.

Best regards,

Rich Marschall

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