On 08/25/2016 03:28 PM, Yves Guillemot wrote:
> Here there is something weird: Why is GM Recorder used in place of flute ?
> Why English Horn in place of oboe ? Why Piccolo in place of clarinet ? etc...
> This looks like a bug somewhere:
>    Recorder is #75 in GM and Flute is #74
>    English Horn is #70 in GM and Oboe is #69
>    Piccolo is #73 in GM and Clarinet is #72
>    etc... : The N+1 GM instrument is always used in place of the N.

   Feels like an off-by-one error in this .mid file.  I'd love to blame 
it on me and my cleanup of the MIDI import stuff, but when I open other 
.mid files, I get the right instruments.

   Program numbers start at 1 for the user and start at 0 under the 
covers, so mistakes are easy to make.  I'm guessing the MIDI file was 
generated by a program that didn't subtract one from the program number 
before saving.

> Step 3 - Why, in your screenshot, is there sometimes no vu-meter visible on
> some tracks at a place where this track is making sound ?
> I didn't look at the code and I don't have a certitude, but I presume that
> there is a level treshold under which the track number is displayed rather
> than the vu-meter.
> So when a track is playing with a very low level no vu-meter is
> displayed.

   Basically, this is correct.  It's not unusual to see only some of the 

> Hope this helps.

   This is good stuff, Yves.  Might want to put it on the wiki.


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