Le dimanche 21 août 2016, 17:52:35 Mario Gummies a écrit :
> I tried to launch to instances of timitdity issuing the command
> line timidity -iA -Oj -B2,8 &
>  twice, with no positive effect. Is that really the last word for timitdity:
> 16 instruments out?

Timidity starts a default of 4 ports and each port behaves like an instance.
So there is no need to start timidity twice.

In Rosegarden, the ports are visible in the midi devices manager in the studio 
(here I see "129:0 Timidity port 0", "129:1 Timidity port 1", etc...) and the 
GM bank can be loaded in each of them.

Now, in the "track parameters box", one "device" and one "instrument" can be 
assigned to each track.
The "device" is the timidity port and the "instrument" the midi channel.
When the 16 channels of the first device are used, the second device can be 
used with the following tracks.

Then, in the "instrument parameters box", a "bank" and a "program" can be 
associated to each track (a different program for each track).

I just tried it, using timidity, with 24 midi tracks and 24 different 
instruments (i.e. programs) and it works.


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