I presume you're not looking for the little icon near the playback icons 
(things like Play, Stop, Rewind) which is labeled "Scroll to Follow Playback 

(I responded to you primarily because I was glad to see someone actually post 
to this list--I had posted one (or two?) question(s) here maybe a month ago, 
and did not get a response (and rarely, if ever see a post on this list).)

It is nice to see that this list is not totally dead.

(One of my questions had to do with having enough space for lyrics which might 
use longer words--I guess I've done the best I can for now by setting the 
spacing to 220% on the Notation Editor, and I am constrained to (at least for 
the time being) use version 12.04 of Rosegarden as that is what is supported 
on my Wheezy version of Debian.)

On Monday, April 02, 2018 01:36:20 PM Will Godfrey wrote:
> Would some kind person please provide a way to switch this off, or at least
> make it *much* slower and less aggressive.
> Today I was editing multiple tracks in the matrix editor and it was driving
> me nuts. It is especially bad when moving notes pitch-wise :(

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