On Wednesday, April 04, 2018 03:40:46 AM Yves Guillemot wrote:
> Le  2 avril 2018 à 14H02 (-0400)  rhkra...@gmail.com a écrit :
> > It is nice to see that this list is not totally dead.
> Sorry for this late reply.
> I'd no time to reply the first time I read your
> post then I forgot it.

No problem, thanks for replying now!

> Le 18 février 2018 à 19H00 (-0500)
> rhkra...@gmail.com a écrit :
> > (Note: I am using Rosegarden 12 instead of the latest version because
> > that is what is supported on my Debian Wheezy based computer.  If
> > this problem is solved in a later version of Rosegarden, I will look
> > (harder) into ways to upgrade.)
> I don't think lyrics had have any fix related to your problem since
> 12.4.
> > My problem is this--in some songs, when I add lyrics, there is not
> > enough space for the lyrics (that is, for each syllable or measure)
> > so words or syllables are cut off and not displayed and/or
> > overwritten (and therefore garbled).  (This being on the Notation
> > display, the one that displays musical notes and lyrics (if present).)
> > 
> > I did find the spacing "control" and adjusting it does improve the
> > situation, but even on the song I'm looking at now, 220% does not
> > eliminate the problem.
> I can't reproduce this issue here.
> Moreover I don't see any noticeable effect of the spacing percentage on
> the readability of lyrics.
> > I can email the particular song to anyone that is interested--iirc, I
> > got the MIDI part from someone on the Internet, which had the lyrics
> > in a separate "voice", and I've started to add the lyrics to the
> > melody.  (But, even the lyrics in that separate voice have the same
> > problem (they are displayed against a musical clef with rests of
> > varying duration.)
> Please, send me this song or some example showing the problem and
> I'll try to fix it.

I've attached the rg file to a copy of this email that I'll send to you 
immediately after sending this to the list without the file (I don't want to 
spam the list nor do I know if files are allowed on this list).  Oh, and also, 
I downloaded the file from the Internet and don't know its original source--I'm 
not sure I have the legal right to post it anywhere.

At the moment, I can't find the worst example, but this file will be enough to 
give you the idea.  If you view the "line" named "Words" in the notation 
editor, you should see the problem, and if you increase the "Spacing" in the 
notation editor to 220%, you will see that the situation improves, but is not 
completely gone.

You can also look at the line named "Melody" where I started to also add the 
lyrics in the hope that I could do better--I realized I could not and quit.

In some songs, I've used the "fine positioning" mechansim to try to position / 
space out the lyrics to fix the problem--I may have done some of that in this 
file--I do not recall.

I'm not expecting you to put any significant effort into trying to fine tune 
positioning of the lyrics to make the situation better, I'm just looking for a 
way (beyond the spacing conntrol) to spread the notes out to allow more room 
for lyrics.

(I did think about trying to rewrite the songs with maybe a different time 
signature to allow more space for the lyrics (I mean, maybe if I did something 
like rewrote this song in 2/4 time and then made some adjustment (like 
changing the duration of the notes  (e.g., quarter note to eighth note??), or 
changing the tempo, but, that would be a lot of work, and I'm not sure it 
would be worth it.)

(The other example was in 6/8 time, and maybe I never saved in rg format--I 
have a lot of MIDI files, and it will only be by luck that I find it again (or 
find some notes).)

Thanks for any suggestions you might offer.

PS: I can send this to others on request.

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