On 2/18/19 7:04 AM, Sami Jumppanen wrote:
1. Play MIDI keyboard through rg track and switch to another track - the NOTE OFFs are lost (notes on the MIDI channel of the first track are stuck ON).

This is an interesting case. I've confirmed this. It's likely that no one ever expected a user to do this. So, there's no extra code in rg to send NOTE OFF events when the current track is switched.

So, I guess this boils down to whether there is some value in changing tracks while holding down notes on a keyboard. If there is no value, then use the panic button (!) to clear out the stuck notes and move on with what you are doing. Avoid changing tracks while you have keys pressed down.

If there is some value to switching tracks while notes are being held down on a keyboard, then perhaps we should add the code needed to detect this situation and send out the appropriate note off events. In this case I would recommend opening a bug report and explaining the issue along with an explanation of why someone would want to change tracks while keys are being held down while working with rg. And also explain why the panic button is not an acceptable solution.

I'll work on answers to the rest of your points as I have time. Thanks for the input.

My only other quick suggestion is that if you are going to use rg seriously, you should learn how to build it from source. You'll find that many bugs have been fixed in the latest version. Also, your bug reports will be more helpful since they will be against the latest code.


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