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  This is an interesting case.  I've confirmed this.  It's likely that no one ever expected a user to do this.  So, there's no extra code in rg to send NOTE OFF events when the current track is switched.

I'm going off memory here, but I'm pretty sure this very issue is why the original developers implemented the panic button at my request. Richard Bown's doing, I think, but it could have been Chris or Guillaume. I've found myself in that situation fairly often, while just randomly dinking around as part of the creative process. There are other ways to get stuck notes as well, like changing programs on a hardware synth with its controls while playback is rolling. I'm pretty sure I used to run into the same issues with my circa 1995 copy of Cakewalk on Windows, which is what informed most of the expectations I had of Rosegarden. I went looking for Rosegarden's panic button, because I was used to reaching for it.

Rosegarden could send note offs when the user changes tracks, but it's impossible to address that last case. Well, I guess now that there is some feedback into the IPB program controls ([x] receive external) I guess it's not impossible, but it's impossible in my case, since I only run MIDI one way to that synth.

Anyway, I'm neither arguing for nor against any proposed changes. I'm just mentioning how I've made it this far without feeling like anything was behaving incorrectly.

D. Michael McIntyre

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