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2. Program change and CC (most notably pan and volume) are sent sometimes even though not programmed into segments.

The Pan and Volume settings in the "Instrument Parameters" panel in the left column will be sent at sequence load. They also may be sent at other times. If you don't need/use those settings, they can be removed by editing the Controllers for the Device:

1. Studio > Manage MIDI Devices
2. Pick the device you want to remove spurious CCs for.
3. Click on Controllers...
4. Pick the controller you want to delete and click "Delete".
5. Close and save.

Note that now the CC knob no longer appears in the Instrument Parameters panel. This *should* prevent spurious CCs from ever going out. Only the CCs in the segments will go out.

I haven't found out the logic when they are sent, but when that occurs I see it like this: Yamaha V50 is playing sounds that were muted in the performance or they are routed to wrong outputs (L and R outputs are used for having a dry and effected group via mixer, and I confirmed from the user manual that in the performance mode CC PAN is received). I am pretty sure I get away with these when I *do* explicitly set the volume and pan and program in the track / sequence (unless there are bugs related to rewinding CCs or stg).

There are definitely bugs WRT rewinding CCs. We just don't do that at all. The only way to reliably get what was in the sequence is to start from time 0. Bug #1560 covers this issue. Not sure I'll ever have the necessary time to address this properly, but you might want to try back-leveling to 16.02 and see if you like that better. It does make an attempt at sending the proper CCs at playback. And with the Controller removed from the Device, you might see exactly what you want.

Let me know how it goes as this will be a second vote for me to at least putting in an option to provide 16.02's behavior in the current version. That shouldn't be too hard to do.


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