On Mon, 25 Feb 2019, Håkan Söderström via Rosegarden-user wrote:
> I make this note while still a beginner: Rosegarden would need a terminology
> overhaul in order not to trip up new users completely.
> "Import MIDI" really means: "New session based on MIDI file". It scraps
> whatever you did before importing, warning that "File has not been saved".
> "File"? It's the session that's not saved. Rosegarden needs to be consistent

I strongly disagree.  Rosegarden is an application on my desktop.  What
applications do is they open files, edit files, and then save files.
That is how my word processor, my spreadsheet, and everything else on my
desktop work or should work.  If I start up an application I've never
tried before and it wants me to define a "project" or a "session" or
something instead of a new file, then I'm put on notice:  I'm dealing with
software that is going to defy the basic expectations of how applications
work, and it's going to be - gratuitously - hard for me to adapt to using
it.  Applications that don't adopt the standard model of editing files are
hostile applications.  Anything that wants to use "sessions" or "projects"
or something instead of just opening and closing files had better have a
very good reason for demanding a nonstandard interaction model, and in
practice, the reason is never good enough.

Now, when I open a file, I want it to replace whatever was opened before,
or else be in a new and separate window that I can edit independently.  I
do *not* want to merge it with data I was already working on.  The
operation to merge should be called "merge," not "open."  As for "import,"
I'd rather not have that at all - it means bring something in from a
foreign place, i.e. a format that the software does not really support
properly, and I wish the software *would* support a format like MIDI
properly and load it with the regular "open" instead of needing a separate
"import."  But if there does have to be a separate "import" for something
that needs to be really foreign, I still want it to function to the extent
possible as opening a new file, not to somehow mix the file I'm opening
with something that was open before.

Many frustrations of using Rosegarden come from state carried over from
previously-edited files into newly opened files, and that because the
software was trying to use a different concept of a "session" bigger than
and sepaarate from a file. A new file should be new.

For the specific case of adding tracks to a file from another file that
happens to be in a foreign format, I've seen other software use the term
"Import as new track."  That sounds a little unnatural, but so is the
operation it describes, and it's clearer and less surprising than just
calling such an operation "import."

Matthew Skala
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