I make this note while still a beginner: Rosegarden would need a terminology 
overhaul in order not to trip up new users completely.
"Import MIDI" really means: "New session based on MIDI file". It scraps 
whatever you did before importing, warning that "File has not been saved". 
"File"? It's the session that's not saved. Rosegarden needs to be consistent 
about what I'm doing right now. Am I doing a "file"? Am I doing a 
"composition"? Or am I doing a "session" or "project"? Pick one (except "file") 
and stick to it. Whatever it is, of course it is ultimately stored in a file, 
but a file is just a container for anything.
"Merge MIDI" means "Add MIDI file to track". This is what many people would 
call "Import MIDI".
After these initial bumps I find Rosegarden has many pleasant features for 
working productively with MIDI.
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